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Whirlwind Weekend Getaway

I’m struggling, y’all. We took a quick weekend trip back up to our old stomping grounds in South Bend. We had an absolute blast, but got back late Sunday night and my life feels so off-balance right now. It’s almost like I need a vacation to recover from vacation. And, I will […]

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Prosciutto + melon crostini

There’s one summer fruit I can never seem to get enough of: cantaloupe. It tastes like candy and is so refreshing in the summer heat. I may have eaten an entire one by myself for dinner last week … I’ve always loved the sweet and salty combination of melon wrapped […]

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Grandma Cattaneo’s Oatmeal Cookies

I was named after two amazing women — Grandma Barbara Cattaneo and Grandma Barbara Harrington. I’d like to think we share more than just names. Grandma Barb (my dad’s mom) was a lover of nature, books and the Cubs. Some of my favorite memories are of weekends spent at her […]

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Weeknight Chicken Sausage Pasta

Sometimes, you just don’t have enough time or energy to whip up a healthy, homemade meal. You come home from work, collapse on the couch, prop your shoes up on the coffee table and drift off into the world of Real Housewives marathons (team Vicki and Tamra 4ever). This pasta is […]

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Why Whole 30 Isn’t For Me

Remember when I decided to commit to Whole30? I only lasted four days. It certainly wasn’t for lack of trying — I was excited and invigorated by the challenge and meal prepped my heart out ahead of time. I was having a blast trying out new meals that were Whole30 […]

Dinner, Recipes

Chinese Chicken Lettuce Wraps

What is it about a bad day that makes you want to call for take-out and curl up on the couch? Maybe I’ve watched too many episodes of Sex & the City? (I’m totally a Carrie.) I’m definitely an emotional eater. For me, food is comfort and I’m always tempted to reach for […]

Wedding Planning

Wedding Wednesday: Making A Wedding Shadowbox

Confession: I’ve had my wedding bouquet sitting in a brown paper bag on our kitchen table for nearly two months. Parts of it were molding. Gross, I know. I saved it after coming across this awesome idea for a wedding shadowbox during the wedding planning process. I thought it was such […]

Wedding Planning

Wedding Wednesday: Choosing The Booze

It’s no secret that James and I take our beer and wine very seriously. As the daughter of a homebrewer, I grew up hopping from brew pub to brew pub on family vacations and helping my dad bottle his beer in our basement. It’s no surprise I inherited my dad’s love of […]

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Embarking On Whole30

I haven’t had sugar, grains or dairy all day. And, I’M STILL ALIVE! It’s a miracle. Today marks day one of Whole30 for me. If you’re not familiar with the program, it involves eliminating problematic foods from your diet in order to “reset” your body. It’s not supposed to be a diet, […]