Wedding Wednesday: The Final Countdown

We are just ten days away from our wedding. I still can’t believe it’s almost here!

Earlier tonight, James and I were talking about how it hasn’t really hit us yet that we’re finally going to be married. We’ve been talking about and planning a wedding for so long that we don’t feel any different with the big day rapidly approaching. I think that means it will hit us both pretty hard when we wake up on May 30. That day can’t come quickly enough!

We’re finishing up the last few projects we have to check off our to-do lists before heading back to Illinois next week. We are so thankful to both have jobs that allow us to take most of next week off so we can go home and prepare.

Over the past few days, I put the final touches on our table numbers, some personalized wedding seating cards and garage sale picture frames. Chalk paint has been a lifesaver for many of our DIY wedding projects because it requires no prep and dries quickly. It’s also meant to look more rustic, so you don’t have to be a skilled painter to apply a coat!

James has been busy designing a few signs that will be displayed at our reception. Thank goodness he has some graphic design skills — I would probably be stuck trying to use WordArt to make something look pretty!

As we approach the final stretch, I’m trying to take some time to focus on myself and relax. This is really hard for me, because I’m a control freak. The past couple of weeks I’ve been neglecting my own health because of all the stress I’m dealing with between the wedding and work. My goal for the next ten days is to try to make myself more of a priority — to take time to workout and eat clean and step away from wedding and work duties a bit.

Yoga has been a godsend for me the past month, so I hope to focus on my practice a lot over the next few days. If everything goes to hell, I’ll just escape into a very deep child’s pose 🙂

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