On The Table 2/21/16

I’m sitting on our front porch typing this. The sun is out. My coat is off. And my mood is better than it’s been in months. It’s amazing what sunshine and fresh air can do for your state of mind. I took my bike out for its inaugural spring ride yesterday and I’ve been riding the high ever since.

I don’t hate winter, but I absolutely love every other season. Bloomington is the best place to live when it starts to get warmer out — we’ve got great state parks nearby, a couple of nice biking trails and plenty of amazing outdoor restaurants and bars. It’s what I love most about this town! I’m going to try and soak up as much sun as possible before its colder again later this week.

I’m also spending part of the day trying to better prepare myself for what is already shaping up to be a very busy week at work. Getting back on that meal prep train! I’ve been especially bad about eating breakfast the past couple of weeks, so I’m trying to set myself up for success this week.

I stocked up on groceries this morning and plan to prep some meals tonight in order to make weeknight dinners easier. Because there is only two of us, I can usually get by with cooking four big dinners during the work week. We still have plenty of leftovers to take for lunches and usually will rely on them for dinner one night of the week, too. I’m heading to Minnesota Friday through Sunday to visit a friend, so that makes this week in the kitchen a little easier!

Here’s what I’m planning to put on the table this week:



  • Dinner leftovers
  • Almond butter + jam sandwiches
  • Salads


I hope your weekend’s been full of sunshine! What’s on your menu for the week?

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