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Eating Our Way Through Nashville

Waking up early to start the work week was especially hard this morning. We spent a long weekend at my brother’s house in Nashville and pretty much ate our way through the city. All of the food was amazing, but my body isn’t too happy with all the sugar and grease it consumed over the […]


Heading North

Congratulations on surviving another week, friends! Our weekend started a little early because we’re heading up to Southwest Michigan to spend a few days relaxing with friends. The trip couldn’t come at a better time. Between the stressful house hunt and the death of a family member, it’s been a rough week. I’m looking forward […]


Florida Beach Reunion

  Fun fact: you can carry a homemade cake or pie onto an airplane. Not only will it make the people you’re visiting happy — everyone on the plane will want to be your friend and the cake will get its own window seat. I toted a delicious gin and tonic cake down to Ft. Myers, […]