A Week On Lake Ouachita

We’re back in Indiana after a few days on Lake Ouachita in Arkansas — and we brought a few more freckles and tan lines back with us. We spent the past week on a houseboat with family and it was certainly a trip to remember. My aunt and uncle own Dreamchaser Houseboat Rentals and went out of their way to make sure we had a blast. Their houseboats are equipped with water slides, hot tubs, gas grills and plenty of room for a big gathering with friends and family. There’s something extra special about being able to stay ON the water!


My sister, niece and nephew made the trip down to the lake for the first time and it was especially fun to see the kids take to the water. My uncle tied our boat up on an island that was the perfect spot for swimming and exploring. Most of our time was spent just swimming off the back of the boat.


My uncle also took us tubing a couple of times, which was a first for the kids, my sister and James. I couldn’t believe how fearless the kids were on those tubes! My niece kept screaming, “Faster, faster” every time she got going. Surprisingly, she only fell off once. My cousin Zoe is a pro on the water and showed her a few tricks to keep the tube from getting off-balance.


It was great to spend time with the Cattaneo side of the family during our trip. We love traveling with my aunt, uncle and cousins and get a kick out of hearing stories about my mom and uncle’s lives growing up. Watching their back-and-forth banter leaves most of us in tears from laughing so hard.


Staying on the lake was just what we needed after a summer that was dominated by the process of buying our first house. Having no set agenda and spending the days floating around on the water was the perfect way to unwind and relax. The best vacations are those that require nothing more than a swimsuit and a bottle of sunscreen. It had been three years since I’d last been down to the lake, but we’re hoping to make this an annual tradition.

What summer traditions does your family have? Chime in by posting a comment below!








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