Wedding Wednesday: Bridal Party Gifts

Girls rompers
It’s no secret that wedding costs add up quickly. You pick out a cake, a dress, the flowers — pretty soon you’ve spent enough to buy a car or put down a mortgage on a house!

The costs can be overwhelming at times — and  not just for the bride and groom. Being in the wedding party is an honor, but it comes at a cost. Many of our friends traveled so far to be part of our wedding day. Knowing that, we tried hard to make everything as easy as possible for the people who stood by our sides. One of the ways we did that was by giving them some of the clothing and accessories they would need for the big day as gifts. And, we were able to do it in a way that was affordable for us, too!

Wedding Party Gifts
Because the girls were all picking out their own, unique bridesmaid dresses, I wanted to get them jewelry they could wear during the wedding that fit their personalities and style. I  bought all of the girls necklaces or a bracelet and earrings from JCrew Factory, which has a great selection of beautiful, high-quality jewelry that won’t break the bank.

Brosher-Harrington Wedding
All of the girls sent me pictures of their dresses ahead of time, so I had some idea of what type of jewelry to get for each of them. I was still a little nervous about everything looking OK together, but the necklaces worked perfectly. Could the girls look anymore stunning?!

Wedding Party Gifts
I also wanted to get something fun and comfy for us to wear while we got ready for the wedding. I initially planned on buying lightweight, floral robes for us to wear — until I saw the cost. Nearly $400?! YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME.

Instead, I went on a hunt for cute, plain rompers that I could have embroidered with the girls’ first initials. I went to just about every store I could think of and finally tracked down these great rompers at H&M. They’re so soft and under $15. My mom had a local quilt shop take care of the embroidery work and the rompers ended up being adorable. They allowed us to get ready without getting overheated and will serve as great pjs or swimsuit coverups!

Brosher-Harrington Wedding
Picking out gifts for the guys was even easier.

Early on in the wedding planning process, we decided we wanted the guys to wear khakis, shirts and ties instead of renting suits. It was a cheaper option for the groomsmen and we hoped they would be able to wear the clothes again after the wedding. The only item we had them purchase were the pants. We bought navy, gingham shirts from JCrew Factory as part of their gift, but sent them to the guys early so they could make sure they fit (they did, thank goodness!).

Wedding Party Gifts
We waited until the night of the rehearsal dinner to give the groomsmen the rest of their goodies — Ralph Lauren ties and ridiculously fun socks. Their outfits came together exactly how we envisioned them and we’re so happy to know a couple of the guys have already worn their entire ensembles again!

We included handwritten cards with all of the gifts that explained how important each person was to us. That seemed to be everyone’s favorite touch — proof you don’t have to spend a fortune to show your gratitude.

beer socks

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