Friday Favorites 2/3

TGIF! Why is it that weeks after vacation always seem to crawl? I’m looking forward to a weekend with very few concrete plans. I’m hoping it will be equal parts relaxing and fun. As usual, I’m sharing some of my favorite things from throughout the week today.

Falafel’s house salad

Falafel’s has become one of my go-to restaurants for a quick, healthy lunch. The menu is incredibly affordable and the portions are generous. The house salad is my favorite menu item, mainly because of the delicious charred asparagus on top. How do they cook it so perfectly?! I’m going to try and recreate this dish at home to pack for lunches.

Brooks Ghost 9 Running Shoes

I injured a tendon in my foot while running in the fall and had to take a couple of months off as a result. I’m finally able to get back into my running routine and it’s reaffirmed my love affair with Brooks running shoes. These shoes give my arches plenty of support, resulting in a run that is finally pain-free. They allow me to log more miles and, I’m convinced they somehow make me faster. The right running shoes make all the difference.

Under Suspicion series

This is the fourth book in the Under Suspicion series, which I’m a big fan of. The books follow a television producer named Laurie Moran, whose show Under Suspicion takes a fresh look at unsolved crimes. Each book focuses on a different crime profiled on the show and introduces you to the witnesses and suspects I love mysteries and these books are really quick, easy reads. I think The Cinderella Murder is my favorite in the series so far.

The Hamilton Mixtape

I’ve been listening to this on repeat ever since James and I saw the show in Chicago a couple of months ago. I find myself listening to this album mostly when I’m running and it pumps me up in a big way. I’m the type of runner who needs music to distract me from the fact that I’m running and the Hamilton Mixtape always does the trick. “Helpless” may be my favorite track. Hearing Ashanti and Ja Rule on a duet together again makes my teenage heart happy.

Bloomington Brewing’s Hopstradamus Imperial IPA

I’m a hop-loving lady and Bloomington Brewing’s latest specialty ale makes my heart happy. We stopped by the brew pub last night shortly after the Hopstradamus release party to have a couple of glasses. Weighing in at 90 IBU, this is definitely a beer that IPA lovers will enjoy. We also filled our howler up with another new-to-us brew that I’m looking forward to trying tonight.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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