Friday Favorites 2/24

TGIF, friends! Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? I plan to get a couple of good workouts in and spend some time with friends. The real highlight will be the Oscars on Sunday. I can’t wait!

It’s Friday, which means I’m sharing some of my favorite things from the week. As always, I’d love to hear what you’re loving lately. Chime in by posting a comment below!

Cooking Light Subscription

We accidentally let our Cooking Light subscription lapse a couple of months ago and I really missed getting the magazine. I’ve long been a fan of Cooking Light and it’s healthy approach to everyday recipes. It always provides great kitchen inspiration and brings some variety to our weekly meals. The latest issue has a huge section all about breakfast, which I really needed. I always struggle with breakfast on weekdays, so the recipes are motivating me to get up a little earlier and make a healthy, filling meal. I’ve already made the chicken piccata with crispy garlic, multigrain pancakes with almond butter drizzle, pristine sunny-side up eggs and pork ragu with polenta. We’ve loved every recipe!

New Glarus Brewing Co. Scream

Everyone raves about New Glarus’ Spotted Cow, but I’m a bigger fan of this Double IPA. You can only get New Glarus in Wisconsin, so it’s always a real treat when we get some. We had a friend recently travel north for work and he brought us back a couple of packs. That’s the best kind of friend to have!

Beer Tray

I’ve been looking for a small tray to use for outdoor entertaining as the weather gets warmer and, because of our love of beer, I couldn’t pass this one up. I found it for less than $10 at The Garlic Press, one of my favorite stores in my hometown of Normal, Illinois. As you can see, Earl approves of this purchase. The tray is aluminum, which makes for easy cleanup. I haven’t been able to find it online, but I will share a link if that changes!

Burt’s Bees Deep Pore Scrub

My skin takes such a beating in the winter. I’ve struggled a lot with dryness and flakiness, but this scrub has been a huge help. I’ve been using it every other day to help get rid of dead, flaky skin and I’m noticing a major difference. I’ve been focusing most on problem areas around my nose and on my forehead and my skin looks and feels so much smoother after just one week.

In a Dark, Dark Wood

I picked this book up from the library after a couple of friends recommended it. Like most of the books i’ve been reading lately, this one is a thriller. I’ve enjoyed it so far, although it becomes a little harder to fall asleep at night the further I get into the story. I’m hoping to finish this book tonight because I’m dying to know how it ends!

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