Friday Favorites: Wedding Season And Cookbook Club

Happy weekend, everyone! What’s on your agenda? We’re heading to a friend’s wedding in northern Indiana and can’t wait to celebrate with them. The wedding is in the town where James and I met, which always makes return visits extra special. We have so many great memories there! As we get ready to ring in the weekend, here are a few of my favorite things from the past week.

Wedding Season

This fall has been a busy one for us because we’ve had a few friends get married. This will be the second weekend in a row we’re attending a wedding and I love it! I’m a total romantic and love celebrating people falling in love. Weddings also tend to be like mini reunions, so it’s a blast getting to see familiar faces and meet so many new people.

Cookbook Club

I’m part of a monthly cookbook club with a group of amazing ladies and this month’s get together was my favorite yet. The woman who hosted this week has a wood-fired pizza oven, so we cooked from Bianco and Pizza Camp. I think I was in a carb coma for two days after sampling so many slices of delicious pizza. It’s hard to choose a favorite, but I especially loved the pizza topped with braised fennel and leeks. I need to recreate it soon!

Best Friend Reunion

In addition to celebrating our friends who are getting married this weekend, we also get to spend some time with our best friends from South Bend. Molly and I started the same week at our first job out of college and instantly became friends. We also worked with Angelo, who is now her husband! They’re some of the most laid back and fun people we know and we cannot wait to catch up. Whether we’re sitting around the house or out for a night on the town, there is never a shortage of laughs among our group!

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