Holiday Baking Marathon

IMG_5375Hey, strangers! Sorry I’ve been MIA for the past couple of weeks — we’ve been busy trying to get into the holiday spirit. In between work and social commitments I’ve been baking up a storm in preparation for all of the holiday festivities we have going on over the next couple of weeks.

We kicked off the fun (and craziness) on Saturday with our annual craft beer + Christmas cookie exchange. We host a lot of parties, but this is my favorite event of the entire year! Everyone brings  a plate of cookies or some craft beer to share and we spend the evening sampling all of the treats. The party lasts until the wee hours of the morning, when everyone heads home and falls asleep in a carb-induced coma.

IMG_5429That picture is the spread before guests arrive. We had so many cookies they covered two entire tables. It took serious willpower not to try them all.

This year we decided to turn the baking into a competition (who doesn’t love a little friendly competition?) and had people vote for their favorites. It was a tough choice, but the winner hands down was my friend Kat. She made amazing soft Stout cookies that I need to try and recreate soon. We sent her home with a cookie ornament and some serious bragging rights.

I like to make a few holiday standbys and try some new recipes when baking each year. I love a cookie plate with lots of variety! I made several batches so I could freeze some for our family Christmas celebrations and be done with holiday baking. Here’s what I whipped up:

I may make one more batch of sweets before we head to Nashville next weekend for an early Christmas celebration with my family. What’s on your holiday baking list?

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