Summer Reads

Whether you’re looking for a summer read to enjoy poolside or while at a little league game, this list of recommendations has a book for every taste. 

One of my favorite things about summer is embracing the slower pace that creeps into the city once the college students leave. It’s like living in a different town for two months. While I love the culture and energy the university brings to town, summer is really special. We find ourselves venturing out to bars we would never step foot in and spending lazy afternoons at the lake. And, I somehow always find a lot more time for reading. Anytime we hit the road for a trip or spend time by the water, I’ve got a new book in hand to dive into.

I’ve been reading thrillers and crime novels almost exclusively this year, so I’m trying to force myself to embrace different genres this summer. This list of recommendations includes books I’ve read, as well as a couple that are at the top of my to-read list.

Devil In The White City

This is the book I’m currently reading and I can’t remember the last time a story hooked me so quickly. Devil In The White City is a true crime book that takes place in the years leading up to and during the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago. It follows the lives of architect Daniel Burnham and serial killer H.H. Holmes, with each chapter alternating between their stories. The challenges Burnham faces and the terrifying actions of Dr. Holmes make for a gripping, nearly unbelievable story. This is a book I can’t wait to finish!

Kiss Carlo

This book from my favorite author, Adriana Trigiani, just came out today. I love Trigiani’s books because they often center around Italian families and involve some sort of epic love story. They’re quick, heartwarming reads. Here’s what publisher Harper Collins says about the book:

Told against the backdrop of some of Shakespeare’s greatest comedies, this novel brims with romance as long buried secrets are revealed, mistaken identities are unmasked, scores are settled, broken hearts are mended and true love reigns.

This sounds like a classic Trigiani story, which means it will be full of great humor and rich characters. I can’t wait to pick it up!

The Particular Sadness Of Lemon Cake

This is one of my all-time favorite books because it’s one of the most original stories I’ve ever read. The main character, Rose, gets an unusual gift on her 9th birthday: the ability to taste what people are feeling through the food they make. More than anything it’s a story about growing up and family. If you’re a fan of full-circle stories, this book won’t be for you. Some people who reviewed the book say it felt unfinished, but I didn’t mind the ending. The text is beautifully written.

Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: Mastering The Elements Of Good Cooking

I’m one of those people who loves reading cookbooks, and this recent release from Samin Nosrat may be the best one I’ve ever read. The book’s divided into two sections, with the first section serving as a wonderful primer that explains the four elements of cooking included in the title. It tells you why we use certain ingredients and different methods for cooking foods of all kinds. I learned more from this cookbook than any other food-related book I’ve picked up. And, I’m a better, more confident home cook because of it. The second half of the cookbook features recipes that build on all the lessons you take away from part one. Several of the recipes have already become my favorite versions of classic dishes. The tomato herb salad, Caesar dressing and the all-butter pie crust all blew me away.  I truly believe this cookbook will become a classic — one of those cookbooks that’s passed down from generation to generation.

In The Woods

I devoured this crime thriller during our recent road trip and plan to read more of Tana French’s books as a result. It’s the first book in the Dublin Murder Squad series and follows Detective Rob Ryan as his past collides with his present. Ryan and his partner are assigned to investigate the murder of a 12-year-old girl in the same town where Ryan grew up. He hadn’t been back since his family moved away after Ryan’s two best friends disappeared in the woods. Ryan was the sole survivor. As the investigation unfolds, he’s forced to confront some of his old memories. This gripping read had me on edge until the end.

I’d love to hear what books you’re loving lately — let me know in the comments section!


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