Wedding Wednesday: My Favorite Etsy Finds

Wedding cake cutting
(Photo by Stephen Hass Photography)

I am so, so glad I planned a wedding in the age of Pinterest and Etsy. How did people do it before?!

Both sites were invaluable when it came to finding inspiration for our big day. We knew we wanted to go with a tandem bike theme, but looking through pins from other weddings and custom decor on Etsy helped us incorporate that theme so much better than we originally planned. While my mom and I DIYed many of the details, there were some projects that were way above our skill level. We turned to Etsy shops for help with some of our wedding day details. Etsy also proved to be extremely helpful when it came to buying gifts for people who were playing a role in our wedding. We wanted the gifts to be personal and show people just how much their love and support means to us; the options on Etsy were endless.

Whether you’re a bride-to-be or have a good friend getting married, here are some of my favorite Etsy wedding finds.

wedding hanger
(Photo by Stephen Hass Photography)

1. Personalized wedding dress hanger
James is a photographer and has shot several weddings over the years. He’s mentioned several times how awful it is to get “the shot” of the wedding dress when it’s on an ugly, plastic hanger. Buying a personalized hanger with your new last name makes for beautiful pictures and a treasured keepsake. These hangers make great engagement party or bridal shower gifts!

cake topper
(Photo by Stephen Hass Photography)

2. Custom cake topper
We got so many comments from people who loved our custom tandem bike cake topper. I found it on Etsy via Pinterest and it was one of the first things I bought for our wedding. If you decide to have a traditional wedding cake with a topper, there are hundreds of unique options to choose from. Now that the wedding’s over, we have ours displayed on our dining room buffet. I smile every time I see it.

birth stone necklace
3. Birthstone necklace
We bought this necklace as a gift for my sister, who officiated our wedding. It has the birthstones of her two children and her husband. This would also make for a great gift for the Mother of the Bride or Mother of the Groom!

flower girl
4. Flower girl necklace
We wanted to get my niece, Hope, something she could wear in the wedding. This adorable flower girl necklace stole my heart. It’s simple enough that it’s easy for little girls to wear and hard for them to break. It looked absolutely adorable on her.

aunt boxaunt box 2
5. Personalized keepsake box
When this keepsake box arrived at my parent’s house, my mom and dad couldn’t stop talking about how sweet it was. We got this as a gift for my wonderful Aunt Dawn, who did a  reading in our wedding. Susabellas had several different box shapes with different messages on them to choose from. We were so pleased with this purchase that I’ve bookmarked the shop for future gifts!

tom handkerchief IMG_0831
6. Embroidered handkerchiefs 
I apologize for the awful iPhone photos, but I had to take these on the fly so I could wrap these gifts up for our parents before they discovered them. We bought a set of four personalized handkerchiefs to give to my parents and James’ parents. They’re all old school and still use cloth handkerchiefs, so we knew they’d love these antique embroidered ones. I learned the hard way that you should always double check to see where items are shipping from on Etsy. These handkerchiefs came all the way from Turkey! I was a little worried about them arriving on time, but they came shortly before we headed home for the wedding. We chose different messages for each of our parents, who surprisingly didn’t even need them during the ceremony!

Brides, what are you favorite Etsy wedding finds?

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