American Craft Beer Week

The week to celebrate America’s delicious craft beer couldn’t have come at a better time. Our lives are consumed with the never-ending house search after we had to walk away from a place because of inspection issues. We’re learning a lot, but the search process is exhausting! What better way to wind down than with a cold beer?

In celebration of American Craft Beer Week, I’m sharing some of my favorite summer brews with you. These beers are amazingly refreshing on a hot summer day and won’t weigh you down. Now, if only the weather would cooperate!

Bloomington Brewing Company’s 10-Speed Hoppy Wheat

This is one of my favorite local beers, no matter what the season. As the name implies, the hop flavor shines through in this wheat with a bitter bite at the end of every sip. I find myself bringing growlers of this to almost every summer cookout we attend — and there’s never enough!

Bell’s Oberon

When I think of summer, Oberon is the first beer that comes to mind. The subtle fruit notes leave you feeling refreshed. I also love that you can find this beer in cans. It makes it much easier to pack for biking, hiking or canoeing trips. We lost a few cans during a float trip in Southwest Michigan last summer —I’m hoping someone was lucky enough to find them and crack them open.

Greenbush Sunspot

We’re heading up to Michigan for a long weekend with friends in a few days and I plan on drinking an abundance of this Hefeweizen. Greenbush remains my favorite brewery and we always stock up on their brews when we head north because we can’t find them here in Bloomington. Sunspot is one of those brews I can never get enough of because it’s delicious, refreshing and a little too easy to drink a lot of.

Tin Man Damascene

This is a great introductory sour for those who’ve never tried it before. The apricot helps balance out the tartness, making for one heck of a delicious beer. This is another one you can find in cans, which makes it easily portable for your summer adventures. Making a trip down to Tin Man is at the top of my summer bucket list.

21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon

We can’t get this beer in Indiana, which breaks my heart. I tried it at Bunbury during our minimoon last year after searching far and wide for it everywhere else we visited. I was so damn happy to finally get my lips on this seasonal, which features a delicious hint of watermelon. Is there anything more summer/American than that? If you come across cans of this, please buy as many as you can and send them my way. I’ll name my firstborn child after you or something.

How are you celebrating American Craft Beer Week?

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