Upgrading Our Garage

Happy Halloween, friends! I hope all of your weeks are off to a great start. Are you dressing up or doing anything fun to celebrate? I’m sitting here excited to hand out candy to our first trick-or-treaters, but so far we haven’t gotten any. The 100-piece bag of candy we bought may end up at the office tomorrow.

I’m super sore today after spending most of yesterday tackling some house projects. My amazing in-laws came to town to help us continue upgrading our garage, which was in dire need of help when we bought the house. James and his parents knocked out much of the work while I was in Europe. They added new wood to reinforce the structure (it was wobbly when they got on top to do some work) and re-shingled the roof. The last things left are repainting the garage to match our bright, yellow home and installing a garage door.


I helped a bit with scraping the peeling paint off the sides of the garage, but James and his dad did most of the heavy lifting on this project. They got the garage door track in and the door up, working late into last night. James primed much of the garage while I was at work today and it already looks so much better. Just having a door on the garage is such an improvement — now we can actually use it!


I quickly realized my skills weren’t much help with the garage, so I tackled some of the leaves in our backyard. Raking is hard work! But there’s something about owning your own home that makes simple chores seem kind of fun. You feel so much more ownership when you put some sweat equity into your home.


Our backyard is huge, so I only got about one-third of it done over a few hours yesterday. My mother-in-law helped me bag up some of the leaves and we filled ten bags! And there were still some piles of leaves left over. Maybe next time I’ll just mulch them all? I need your strategies so I don’t become a slave to my backyard! How do you tackle fall yard work?

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