Friday Favorites 1/27

Happy Friday, all! Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? We are in Florida visiting our best friends Katie and Pat and on our way to Disney this morning. I haven’t been since third grade, so I’m pretty excited!

Like with every Friday, I’m sharing some things I’m loving this week. I’d love to hear about some of your favorite things — tell me in the comments!

Birthday treats

I celebrated my 28th birthday this week and my friends, family and coworkers made it prettt amazing. I was showered with donuts from Rainbow Bakery and homemade brownies at work. And, James got me a chocolate peanut butter cake from Rainbow to celebrate after work. I’m a peanut butter fanatic, so James clearly knows the way to my heart  I’m still coming down from the sugar high!

Tuscan lemon tart candle

I’m a lemon lover, so I knew I would be burning this candle constantly. My parents gave it to me for my birthday and our house has smelled amazing ever since. I’m going to have to pick a couple more of these up next time I’m at the mall!

Korean BBQ

My parents came to town to celebrate my birthday a little early and we decided to try Korean BBQ for he first time. I was a big fan! We got a grill table at Mama’s Korean and all ordered different meats to try. The meat is served with rice, lettuce to use for wraps and eight Korean side dishes. You cook the meat yourself on a charcoal grill and I thought it was a blast! I love trying new foods and I know we will be going back for a date night soon. 

Ina’s Lemon Skillet Chicken

My mother-in-law got me Cooking for Jeffrey as a gift and I immediately made the lemon skillet chicken. I told you I’m a lemon lover! The recipe was so simple and absolutely delicious. I asked our butcher to remove the backbone from the chicken and butterfly it for me, which made this dinner come together even more quickly. I have a feeling this will become a staple in our meal rotation.

At-home workouts

Life’s been so hectic lately I’ve found myself having to squeeze in some workouts at home instead of spending an hour at the gym. I’m starting to really embrace the practice and find myself reaching for weights while watching TV instead of camping out on the couch. I’m hoping to make this more of a habit!

I hope you have a great weekend ahead! I’ll be back Monday with a recap of our weekend in Florida.

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