A Wedding Luncheon For Ben + Lana

Is it Friday yet?! I’m struggling to keep up with this week (which is why I’ve been MIA from the blog) after another very busy weekend on the road. We had an absolute blast spending time in Illinois with family celebrating Ben and Lana’s marriage. Since they had such an intimate wedding, my parents threw them a luncheon in Illinois so our extended family could celebrate their love.


It was like a giant family reunion, especially for my dad’s side of my family. His cousins made the trip and I hadn’t seen most of them in decades! We also got to spend time with two of my cousins and their beautiful babies, who we hadn’t gotten a chance to meet  yet. It was wonderful to catch up and see how happy my parents were surrounded by their amazing family and friends. The afternoon was laid-back and fun, just like Ben and Lana.


My mom was the mastermind behind the entire event and she did a beautiful job making everything come together. In addition to making several homemade sweets, she had Kelly’s Bakery and Cafe cater and everyone raved about the delicious spread. My favorite dishes were the bacon-wrapped dates and ham, cheese and apple butter croissants. I plan to recreate them both soon for the blog!


My dad, of course, was in charge of the beer. He made an amazing dry-hopped Saison for the occasion. It was fantastic. Having a dad that brews beer seriously ups his coolness factor — my friends are always asking when he’s coming to Indiana next because they love sampling his creations. Once we move later this summer I think I’ll have to have him come over and teach me how to brew!


After a month of nonstop travel, I’m definitely ready for a relaxing weekend in Bloomington. I need to get back into my cooking/workout routine, which has been seriously thrown off the past two weeks. My body has had way too much sugar and is in need of lots of fruit and veggies. Looking forward to getting back on the meal prep train this weekend!

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