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Wedding Wednesday: The Final Countdown

We are just ten days away from our wedding. I still can’t believe it’s almost here! Earlier tonight, James and I were talking about how it hasn’t really hit us yet that we’re finally going to be married. We’ve been talking about and planning a wedding for so long that […]

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Muddy Fork Bakery Sourdough Workshop

For me, cooking has always been a form of therapy. On a bad day, throwing myself into an unfamiliar recipe helps free my mind — I can focus solely on the task at hand. With so many of us programmed to constantly multitask, it’s liberating. I spent all day Saturday learning […]

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Wedding Wednesday: Letting It Go

We’re just about two weeks away from the wedding, y’all. HOLY COW. I can’t tell you how excited I am for the big day to get here. James and I have been engaged for about a year and a half. It’s been great because we’ve been able to spread the […]


Lightened-Up Beer Chicken Enchiladas

That pan of enchiladas barely lasted 24 hours in our house. I found myself staring at them in the fridge at 7 a.m. the other day, debating whether or not it was responsible to eat chicken enchiladas for breakfast. The answer is always yes. This recipe is one I tweaked […]

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Wedding Wednesday: The Food

James and I made our last trip home before the wedding over the weekend. It still hasn’t hit me that we’re getting married in a matter of weeks! We went home to finalize some details with vendors, finish up some DIY projects and do a little much-needed relaxing. One of […]

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Wedding Wednesday: CAKE!

Our baker made the best mistake ever. When it was time for us to choose the flavors for our wedding cake, she accidentally gave us someone else’s samples. That meant we got to sample twice as much, with the help of our niece and nephew. Is that what heaven’s like? Picking […]

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BTown Eats: Cardinal Spirits

I’ve always been a vodka girl. In college, it was Burnett’s (just typing that makes me dry heave). In young adulthood, it’s Grey Goose. And, now, Cardinal Spirits.  And, they may soon turn me into a gin girl, too. Cardinal Spirits is a small distillery that recently opened in Bloomington, right […]


Mom’s Lasagna

There are few foods more comforting than a pan full of homemade lasagna. My mom’s recipe is the best and substitutes turkey sausage and low-fat cottage cheese for a lighter version of the classic.

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Slow-Cooker Pork Carnitas

If I had it my way, I would eat Mexican food for every meal. I can never get enough of the comforting, spicy cuisine. This recipes is one my favorites — my parents have been making it for years. It’s easy, healthy and makes enough meat to feed an army. They […]